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Our GIGAsedo was specially developed for doors with a low requirements specification. Smooth operation, power and durability are the hallmarks of this operator.

The standard electronic limit switch system can be set using the controller integrated into the operator by means of any conventional triplex sensing device. The innovative controlling technology means no logic is required in the sensing device. The door can either be moved by a dead man's switch or by impulse operation/AUF.

The one-piece gear housing made of die-cast aluminum is fitted with special bronze worm wheels. The life-long lubrication is achieved by using a specially selected lubricant. The electric motor ensures long life and a low vibration and noise operation in all assembly positions.

Our operators can be manufactured with hollow shafts of 25.4 or 31.75 mm depending on your requirements.

GIGAsedo operators are available in versions with an emergency hand crank (H), an emergency hand chain operation (C) or an emergency release (D).

Optionally, the operators of the GIGAsedo range can also be supplied with an additional service release.


Technical data
Three-phase operation24.10x18.14x
Output torque100 Nm140 Nm
Output speed24 min-118 min-1
Motor performance0,37 kW0,55 kW
Operating voltage3 x 230/400 V3 x 230/400 V
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz
Control voltage24 V24 V
Motor duty cycleS3-60 %S3-60 %
Building fuse10 Amps (inert)10 Amps (inert)
Protection typeIP54IP54
Weight (approx.)13 kg14 kg
Limit switch range1414*
* if applicable with limit switch range = 20 

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