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Aperto 868

Sekcijinių garažo vartų automatika APERTO 868



157,30 €

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Automatikos lyderio, vokiečių gamintojo SOMMER garažo vartų automatika yra viena patikimiausių ir ilgaamžikiausių. Unikalių sprendimų dėka, ši automatika tampa nauju kokybės ir techninių sprendimų laipteliu vartų automatizavimo srityje.

Rest assured when you purchase an APERTO operator you are buying luxury, quality and reliability at an affordable price.

Benefits & Reassurance
  • quick, easy and safe to operate
  • inexpensive professional installation in a few hours
  • individually coded for your security
  • Reliable operation with a 868.8 MHz radio frequency
  • modern, ergonomic hand transmitter design in very small encapsulation
  • integrated antenna
  • simple programming of the hand transmitter by radio
  • pre-mounted drive for easy assembly
  • gentle running, opens and closes extremely quietly
  • Technology summary
     APERTO 868 LAPERTO 868 LX
    Mains connection230 V, 50/60 Hz230 V, 50/60 Hz
    Capacity60 – 220 W80 – 450 W
    Capacity with nominal traction power150 W / 280 N230 W / 400 N
    Traction / thrust force50 – 550 N (5 – 55 kp)50 – 800 N (5 – 80 kp)
    Max. mechanism operation speed0.16 m/s0.16 m/s
    Temperature range-20°C / +50°C-20°C / + 50°C
    Lighting24 V / 21 W24 V / 21 W
    Packing length1,080 mm1,080 mm
    Overall length3,500 mm3,500 mm
    Weight including packaging17 kg17 kg
    Travel length2,550 mm2,550 mm
    Door type

    sectional door
    wing opening door
    retractable door
    canopy door

    sectional door
    wing opening door
    retractable door
    canopy door

    Max. door height
    Swing door

    2,550 mm
    3,350 mm

    2,550 mm
    3,350 mm

    Max. door height
    Folding door

    2,300 mm
    3,100 mm

    2,300 mm
    3,100 mm

    Max. door width4,200 mm6,000 mm
    Min. height35 mm35 mm
    Remote control868.8 MHz868.8 MHz
    CodingRolling CodeRolling Code
    Number of radio channels22

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